01 April 2021

Takihyo Became A Certified BLUESIGN Partner

Takihyo became a certified partner of BLUESIGN, a company that evaluates the impact of companies’ processes on the environment and people.  Textile companies obtain partnership qualification with BLUESIGN by passing several strict criteria with high levels of transparency and traceability that indicate the least possible harm inflicted on the environment and people.


BLUESIGN’s partnership criteria for textile companies include product quality and safety, occupational health and safety, environmental impact in production, social responsibility to people involved in and outside of the production process, and the recyclability of products.

In order to ensure compliance to these criteria, BLUESIGN verifies that companies in partnerships are following the criteria at least once every three years.  In addition, BLUESIGN partners are required to inform BLUESIGN if any changes occur in the production chain that may potentially violate the partnership terms.

We are proud to be a certified BLUESIGN partner, complying to terms that help to reduce environmental and occupational harm.  For more information about BLUESIGN, you can visit their website here.